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NATO TEMPEST produkti un SDIP-27 pakalpojumi Apskatīt visus pakalpojumus

Modulus Rugged Desktop Keyboard with Trackball KMK-PC-F2(DESK)

Product overview


Industrial keyboards are high-quality sealed keyboards for industrial usw and are ideal for prolonged and consistent typing throughout a work day. The Modulus Rugged TEMPEST Desktop Keyboard with Trackball KMK-PC-F2(DESK) with built-in trackball is constructed using a highly-rugged stainless steel case. It is protected from dust and moisture (IP65) and resistant to mechanical, chemical and physical influences. Trackball is used instead of computer mouse and saves the workplace. Trackball is made of stainless steel and the tracking system is completely optical. The keyboard fulfills NATO SDIP-27 Level A, B and C requirements.

Works great in the open air, in manufacturing facilities and public places. Easy to clean with aqueous solution or other cleaning agents.

Compatible with OS: Windows, Linux

Connects to USB port.

Eurotempest Modulus Rugged Desktop Keyboard with Trackball KMK-PC-F2(DESK) TEMPEST Keyboard

Mounting options: Desk keyboard

International protection marking IP65


No Numeric keypad

Function keys keyboard F1-F12 F1 – F12

Material of Housing, Keys, Manipulator: Stainless Steel

Keys life cycle: More than 1 million keystrokes

Working temperature -10…+45 °C

Working humidity 30% – 95%

Dimensions: (WxDxH) 416 × 164 × 44.5 mm

Warranty up to 60 months

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