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Faraday Cages for TEMPEST Cyber Security

We provide design and construction of TEMPEST rooms widely known as Faraday cages.

Faraday cage against eavesdropping: Cost-effective TEMPEST shielding

One of the most reliable high performance TEMPEST shielding solutions is a Faraday cage – an electromagnetic shielded room or enclosure assuring full TEMPEST protection.

Customer Benefits:

  • Can be applied in new buildings and retrofitting existing buildings
  • Compliant to NATO SDIP-27, SDIP-29 requirements
  • Obstruct mobile phone / cellular communications
  • Block out all wireless communication devices
  • Protection from stealing information bugging attacks
  • Quick service and delivery
  • Guaranteed Customer Confidentiality

Computers, PC screens and even data lines emit electromagnetic radiation. At a certain range from the emitting source, it is quite easy receiving and decoding this radiation and to re-construct its information. Signals can be picked up with proper equipment from a distance of around 200-300 meters. If the signal captured by a conductive medium (such as a power or telephone line), monitoring can occur over a distance of many kilometers.

Confidential information whether governmental, military or even corporate can be secured with the use of our Faraday cages meeting NATO SDIP-27 and SDIP-29 standards:

  • Modular Faraday Cage
  • Sea Freight Faraday Container
  • Server Faraday Rack
  • Mobile Server Faraday Rack




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