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TEMPEST-Shielded Server Rack

Product overview 


As the threat of side-channel attacks becomes more real and the awareness of the risks rises, the necessity of shielded racks increases. C2 offers customized TEMPEST-shielded racks. The TEMPEST-Shielded Server Rack provides electromagnetic compatibility for data processing equipment:
– Protection of COTS non-TEMPEST hardware
– Fully sealed enclosure
– Protection against external electromagnetic impulses
– Short delivery terms.
We offer design services and solutions to meet the needs of any product specification. You can count on our expert resources and engineering capabilities to support any stage of your project, from concept to production.

The C2 TEMPEST-Shielded Server Racks are designed to meet NATO SDIP-27 Level A, B and C requirements.

C2 TEMPEST-Shielded Server Rack


Doors: 1 – 2. For the convenience of the operator, a second door can be installed on the back side of the Server Rack.

Power Filter: The TEMPEST-Shielded Server Rack is equipped with a power filter (2 max). The options are one-phase or three-phase connection.

Cooling: Depending on the mission there are available both shielded honeycomb passive ventilation option and also an active ventilation unit (2-8 fans, the number depends on the heat emission from the inserted devices) that allows to discharge of heat from the server rack.

Penetration panel: The penetration panel contains the waveguides and connectors specified by the client (optical network, USB, video, RS-232, etc.). The penetration panel can be located on the side panel or roof of the server racks.

Technical specifications:

Width: standard 19”, customized dimensions available
Height: 24U – 42U
Depth: 600 – 990 mm
Rack power line filter(s) 16A / 32A / … (1 – 2 pcs.)
Levelling feet / Casters
Power distribution unit – 1
Grounding contact – 1
Passive ventilation honeycombs
Penetration panel for TEMPEST waveguides
Fixed / sliding server rails / shelves
Sensors (temperature, opening-closing etc.)
Active ventilation fan unit (2 – 8 fans)
Other standard and customized accessories related to server racks

Warranty: up to 60 months

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